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Boys of Transformation
Mentoring 12-Week Program



June 1 - August 17, 2024



10:00am - 2:00pm





Saturday, June 1, 2024 @ 10:00am

Programs We Offer

Diving deeper into our programs, we aim to offer a structured environment that fosters positive relationships, self-expression, and a strong moral compass. Some of the key highlights include:

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12 Week
Mentorship Program

A platform for young boys to interact with positive male role models who guide them through various life skills, personal values, and social responsibilities.

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Mentorship Program

Enriching experiences that promote teamwork, leadership, and personal growth amidst a fun and engaging setting.

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Afterschool    Mentorship Program

Continual support to help the boys navigate through academic challenges, personal issues, and provide a safe space for them to interact and learn.

Nurturing Young Males


In the heart of Florida, where the need for male mentorship has shown a glaring gap, emerges a beacon of hope - Boys of Transformation. Founded by Terry Woodard, this initiative stems from a tale of personal metamorphosis, underlined by strong community values and a relentless spirit of giving back. The narrative of Terry is a testament to the power of right choices and positive influence, which he was fortunate to receive despite stumbling into adversities in his youth. His journey is not just a narrative of self-transformation, but an epitome of communal upliftment, extending a hand to those who face similar circumstances.

Our ethos revolves around nurturing young males, between the ages of 11 to 14, who find themselves at the crossroads of life, often tangled in issues at home, school, or other facets of life. Under the compassionate wings of Boys of Transformation, these young minds are not just guided back to the path but are empowered to lead a life resonating with love, purpose, and an undying spirit of community service.

A Family Approach


The family-centric approach adopted by Boys of Transformation transcends conventional mentorship, crafting a haven of support, learning, and personal growth for these young individuals. Our methodology is not just about correcting course but about instilling a spirit of righteousness, empathy, and a keen sense of responsibility towards one’s family and community.

The initiative is also a testament to the power of collective effort, with Terry’s spouse, Sonya Woodard, being the cornerstone of this endeavor. Her mentoring program, Girls of Transformation, has been a lighthouse for young girls since 2010, and it was through this venture that the glaring need for a parallel initiative for boys was recognized.

Our programs are meticulously crafted to address the holistic development of the boys. From Mentorship Camps to Summer Programs, every interaction is a step towards molding a balanced, conscientious individual ready to tackle life’s challenges head-on.

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Mentoring Boys To Contribute Positively Towards a Harmonious Society


The cornerstone of Boys of Transformation is the community it cultivates. We believe that change is a collective effort, and thus, we extend our reach to involve parents, local institutions, and other stakeholders in creating a nurturing ecosystem for these young minds. This collective endeavor not only broadens the horizons for our boys but also fortifies the community with educated, empathetic, and responsible individuals.

The spark of transformation that Terry experienced in his life is the flame that now guides the way for Boys of Transformation. The lessons learned, the values imbibed, and the community that stood by him are now the pillars upon which Boys of Transformation rests.

Terry’s vision is simple yet profound: to see every young boy in the community rise above adversities, make informed decisions, and contribute positively towards a harmonious society. This vision is what fuels the tireless efforts behind Boys of Transformation, driving a change that resonates through the lives it touches, creating a ripple effect of positive transformation throughout the community.

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