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About The Founder


My name is Terry Woodard, a living testament to the transformative power of right choices and the strength of a supportive community. Growing up, I was blessed with a loving family, where my parents along with a cluster of aunts and uncles provided a nurturing environment. However, despite this strong support system, there was a period in my life where I veered off course, embarking on a path that didn’t honor the values I was raised with. This phase was a crucible of self-reflection and learning, molding my resolve to turn my life around and contribute positively to the community.

As I emerged from this challenging phase, life presented a fresh canvas. I was fortunate to find a life partner who shared a common vision of community service. Together, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery and communal upliftment. My wife, Sonya Woodard, initiated a noble cause, Girls of Transformation, aimed at mentoring young girls. I supported her silently from the sidelines, witnessing the transformative impact of mentorship on these young lives. The endeavor was a revelation, making it glaringly evident that a similar initiative was imperative for young boys too. This realization was the seed from which Boys of Transformation sprouted.

The voyage since the inception of Boys of Transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Seeing the smiles rekindled on the faces of troubled young boys, the restoration of harmony in disrupted homes, and the kindling of hope for a brighter future in numerous families has been profoundly gratifying. Every story of transformation is a testament to the indomitable spirit of these young boys, fueling our mission further.


Stepping into the realm of mentorship alongside Sonya, contributing to Girls of Transformation.

Recognizing the Need

Identifying the dire need for a parallel initiative aimed at mentoring young boys, sowing the seeds for Boys of Transformation.

Program Development

Shaping and structuring various programs tailored to address the unique challenges faced by young boys in our community.

Community Engagement

Forging partnerships with local institutions, parents, and other stakeholders, creating a robust support system for our mentees.

State Funding

A significant milestone was the acquisition of funding from the state of Florida, bolstering our mission manifold.

The ethos of Boys of Transformation stems from a blend of personal experiences, learning from adversities, and an unwavering belief in the power of mentorship. Every interaction, every success story, and every challenge overcome by our mentees is a page in my life's book, enriching it with invaluable lessons and an enduring sense of purpose.

The journey has also been a learning curve, understanding the distinct challenges faced by boys, developing effective mentoring strategies, and continuously evolving our programs to cater to their holistic development. The joy of witnessing a positive transformation in these young lives is an unmatched reward, reaffirming our mission's essence with each passing day.

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In collaboration with Sonya and a dedicated team, we strive to extend this circle of positive influence, nurturing a generation of responsible, empathetic, and empowered individuals. Our vision is simple yet profound – to foster a nurturing environment that catalyzes positive transformation, not just in the lives of these young boys, but resonating through the entire community, creating a ripple effect of goodness and hope.

Our Vision

To foster a nurturing environment where boys not only thrive personally, but also become a catalyst for positive change in their communities.

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing supportive environment, that catalyze, personal and social transformation in young men.  

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